SueAnn Schaedig

Honing her skills initially in money management, SueAnn has spent the last 20 years working with clients in the areas of Special Needs Planning, Government Benefit Coordination and Special Needs Trusts. SueAnn has worked with hundreds of attorneys and clients implementing settlement plans including structured settlements, special needs trusts and related form of distribution options. Most recently, she co-founded a national Pooled Special Needs Trust that administers the assets of hundreds of beneficiaries.

Establishing Warner Ferris allows SueAnn to utilize her full range of experience and knowledge, while continuing to work with attorneys and their clients to design the best settlement plans to meet their financial and emotional needs.

SueAnn earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Biology from St. Joseph’s University, and did post graduate study in business at the University of Pennsylvania. SueAnn was also a student of the “Special Care Planning” program at American College.